GMail Stickers Are Here

Due to mailing my self addressed envelop so close to the deadline and the usual while supplies last line, I was worried that I might have missed out on getting some GMail stickers. So I'm really happy they arrived.

Also having to get a $4 international reply coupon these free stickers started to get expensive.

As you can see I got the unicorn sticker (of course).

Having got EEEBuntu running on my EEE PC (more to come on that) I had to put the GMail logo on the lid.


I had every intention to put on the GMail keyboard shortcut stickers but unfortunately they don't come in netbook size.

Thanks GMail for the stickers.

Now I'll have to get some more stickers for my EEE PC.

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12 thoughts on “GMail Stickers Are Here”

  1. I sent it for GMail stickers too! I love mine! I don't have a netbook, so they fit on my keyboard. I get lots of comments on them. I got the Gmail Robot as my other sticker. Hope you find some netbook sized stickers!–ed

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