Almost A Great MacBook Deal At BestBuy

I noticed an error at Bestbuy during my latest visit regarding their Mid-Winter flyer.

In the print add they advertised the new MacBook at the incredible price of $1149.99 (usually $1399.99). You know it's the new MacBook since it says 160GB.

Yet in store it's the refresh of the old MacBook design for sale.

This doesn't affect me since I just don't have the money to buy a MacBook (new or old). I did find it an interesting mistake on BestBuy's part.

I wonder how many people thought that they were going to get a deal besides that couple yesterday afternoon? Were they able to get the sale price on the new MacBook?

But you can save 99¢ if you buy the new MacBook directly from Apple.

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3 thoughts on “Almost A Great MacBook Deal At BestBuy”

  1. SO Worst Buy did the old switch and bait again? Not surprised they've been in trouble for that a lot. They even got caught in Canada for having a 2nd website that they would access in their stores with higher prices, the customer would look online and see X price for a product, then they'd come into the store and the would look up this 2nd site and tell the customer it was X+ and that the customer must have misread the site, but some one noticed the different URL and they reported them and they had to pay major fines, but they keep doing the same shit. I would never buy anything bigger than a DVD from them, and probably not even a DVD.

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