Christmas & Boxing Day 2008

Wow, did I take my sweet time getting these posted or what. I think it's taken me this long to recover from the whirlwind of the holidays.


As you can tell by the darkness outside the window the boys didn't sleep in. We opened up our gifts at our place, which took considerable less time then it took to wrap the gifts.


Then it was off to my sister's for the family gift exchange. I really like their Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer inflatable on their lawn, it's so cool. It's also nice to see the little cousins playing together. They got to the same daycare, but we rarely get to see them interact.



After my sister's it was off the in-laws for gift exchange and gifts for the kids. At this point it was only lunch time. Then we visited Donna's uncle for a bit and saw some of her family.


Afterwards it was onto Donna brother's place for dinner. I was pretty tried by this time and Carts crashed on their couch for an hour or so. We also got to play some Rock Band on the Wii.


Boxing Day we went to my parent's during the day for gifts for the kids. Due to our crazy schedule of the day before we decied it would be simpler to do it then.


Boxing Day eve we visited with Donna's family and all the little cousins (since everyone was busy with their families on Christmas Day). Iron Man was a very popular payjama this year for the 4 year olds as you can see.

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