Pownce Comes to Six Apart, Hopefully Optimistic

Okay I know this is old news, but I just never got around to putting my two cents in on the subject.

Back in December Six Apart acquired the nuts and bolts of Pownce along with it's creator Leah Culver (who is now on VOX, go add her to your neighborhood). As a user of VOX for over two years this is great news from my perspective.

Maybe we will see some innovation here on our beloved VOX .When VOX launched, it's feature set was pretty good and better than anything else I had found. Unfortunatley, it's getting long in the tooth two years on.

  • You can still only import video from YouTube (where is the support for all the other video sites?). Yes you can embed them but it is not as elegant. Plus it doesn't show up in your video libaray.
  • There hasn't been any update to the upload tool for mulitpul photos, but to be fair it does do the job adaqually.
  • Still waiting for a native application for the iPhone. I would certainly blog more if there was one. I'd even gladly pay for such an application.
  • Though I haven't seen it in a while, the dreaded white screen of nothing was pretty prevelent here on VOX in the past.
  • I really look forward to the [this is good] sections but sometimes there are really slow in updating.
    I'd recommend adding the editors to your neighborhood. News & Politics, Music, Life, Entertainment, Culture & Technology. When you find interesting stuff hit the share button (that's on every post) and send on to one of the editors.

These are really just annoyances, it's the community here on VOX that makes me stay. But it would be nice to see some of them addressed and maybe see some new features roll out.

I'm really hoping that the former Pownce team is the influx of new blood that VOX needs to get me excited about posting here again. Also if they could make it as easy as posting to Pownce or Twitter I would certainly post more, way more.

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