Gen 1 iPhone’s Hiding Out in Canada

When Steve released the first generation iPhone he had the great idea to recess the headphone jack so you would only use Apple headphones (or buy an adapter).

With the iPhone 3G release that issue was rectified as Steve decided to let the consumer use any kid of headphones with his phone.

The 3G iPhone has been the only iPhone released in Canada to date (come on iPhone Nano). Sure you could have got a jailbroken one for a kings ransom but you lived in fear of it being bricked and no support from your carrier.

So here's my question. Since Best Buy is carrying the headphone adapter does that mean A) that there are so many jailbroken iPhones around that due to demand that they are now carrying them. Or B) is it simply an inventory screw up and no one realized that the gen one iPhone was never released here. A little column A and a little column B perhaps?

Does Bust Buy know that they are supporting the black market by carrying this?

Or maybe I should just shut up and be happy that the lady at customer service gave me the online sales price ($79.99) for my new iHome iPod alarm clock.

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