A year can pass so quickly, it just seems like were closing up 2007 with Christmas and New Years.

Our biggest and best news of 2008 was our lastest (and last if you were wondering) edition, Annika. People ask what's it like to finally have a girl? It's pretty much the same as a boy at the same age. It's not like she's dating yet. Her brothers adore her and won't leave the poor girl alone.

ET and Carts turned four and two this year respectively. Which is hard to believe they are that old.

Anyone with kids will tell you it's better to keep them active and busy and boy did we ever this past year.

Once more we got our season passes to LaRonde and easily got our money's worth from it. Donna being pregnant sat our the rides but ET was tall enough this year to go on all the kiddie rides himself. That left me able to sit with Carts.

We also made it up to Bark Lake a few times this summer. Not as much as I would have liked to but with gas the price it was I'm not complaining. There was even some nice weather and my sister Kimberly and her family came one weekend. So all the little cousins could play at the lake together. I didn't get to go sailing for one reason or another (mostly rain) this year but there's always next season.

When also went to the Caban au Sucre, the Biodome, met Dora and Diego, saw Arthur l'Aventurier and the animals at Granby Zoo (which I only now discovered I never posted about), Lake George, Thursday car nights and an insane number of birthday parties.

The boys really enjoyed the holidays this past year as you would expect.

ET knows that Easter is just around the corner from Christmas, which is really cute but can also wear on your nerves.
On Saint-Jean we went to the local train museum with my parents, but Donna had to work as she deals with Toronto and they were still open. For Canada Day we watched fire works and the kids played, I was even interviewed by Ronald McDonald. ET even tried out some rock climbing. Labour Day saw us visiting friends in the Eastern Townships but only for the day.

We were also really lucky that a number of my family from out of town were able to attend ET's 4th birthday party.

All the best to you and yours in 2009! I can't imagine all the stuff we'll be doing next year.

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