Happy 2nd Voxiversary: Best of The Best

Here are some of the more memorable posts by month here at grantalias over the past year.

  • December Saint or Villan. Me worrying about the similarities between Santa Claus and Pirates.
  • January Then & Now Melbourne. Having undertaken scanning the family slides, I discovered some from the Australian side of the family. I spent a couple of days on google image search matching up the photos with past and present landmarks of a city I've never been to. Both educational and fun.
  • February Free, The Music. After a friend asked me why I buy music, I wrote this post about what the drawbacks to buying DRMed music and free alternatives to p2p file sharing.
  • March You Can Never Go Back. I wrote this post after visiting downtown and feeling a little sentimental about my youth I spent there.
  • April Twittering the Doctor. Staying up late I watched the season four premier of Doctor Who and twittered it from the couch on my iPod Touch.
  • May Fly You To The Moon. I added all the family's names to the payload of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Space here we come.
  • June The True North Strong and Free, But Tolerant? I talked about the downside to being an Anglo minority in Quebec and how my kids might react to it when they are older.
  • July iPhone Canada Launch. Still way to expensive in my book, I checked out the launch of the iPhone 3G.
  • August. Go To Montreal, Collect $200. Montreal was named the number one spot in the new Monolopy Here & Now World Edition.
  • September Google Chrome. Like most geeks out there I downloaded and tried out Google's browser Chrome.
  • October The List: Netiquette. Some tips I have for people in regards to email, photo sharing and Facebook.
  • November I Got DMCAed. Probably the biggest news is when I got a notice from YouTube about using copyrighted music in a family video.

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2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Voxiversary: Best of The Best”

  1. I didn't know you had family in Melbourne. I am from Melbourne and my grandfather from Canada. Maybe we are related! 😉
    If you want a good then (ie, 1970s) look at the main street of Melbourne (Swanston St), have a look on youtube for the clip to 'Long Way to the Top' by ACDC. I think I actually posted it on my blog at once stage along with some 'now' photos of that part of Melbourne.

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