Photographic Gold

Downsizing yet another box of stuff I came across some old photos. Most were doubles or have been scanned but a few I can't remember seeing in decades or at all. As one who has always enjoyed taking photos to find some new ones was a real treat.

LegoAutobot city

You youngsters out there will be hard pressed to remember a time when Lego didn't come in themed sets with all the right pieces, but in my youth you had to make due with what you had and we liked it that way. If that meant Autobot City had to be multi-coloured so be it. Or building a Death Star Corba Terror Dome snake creature thingy meant you had to plan ahead to make sure you had enough black blocks to complete it, that's what you did.

the guys in grade 6Me

Being the photographer usually means that it's rare to see one's self in a photo. But that makes it all that more meaningful when you do get one. Even if you're behind the crowd or looking a little dorky on your parent's lawn in the 1980's.

I just love that there is proof that at one time I was skinner than my sister Kim because those days are long gone. Gone!

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