Get Really To Shovel

Well I'm already depressed as it looks like winter has arrived. I just hope we don't see the kind of snow fall we did last winter.

I did buy the boys shovels at Wal-Mart this past weekend with the intention of them at least trying to help me shovel and ET seems very eager about it. Of course they might change their tune once outside and actually have to do some work but that's understandable at their age.

A nice thing with Donna home this winter with AR is she can have the driveway shoveled for us when we get home everyday. Right Donna? Donna? 😉

Of course to little kids the first snowfall tells them that Christmas is just around the corner and ET is really excited.

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One thought on “Get Really To Shovel”

  1. Yep, that's totally what mat leave is for: clearing driveways with babes strapped to your back! ;)I must admit: I'm really hoping for snow these days! At the very least, I'd like some later into December.

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