Gas Drops & New Policies

I don't know about you but I can't believe the cost at the pumps the past week, it's like it's 2003 all over again! I'm out of practice guesstimating how much gas I'll get for such a low price.

Of course high gas prices of the past few summers has undoubtedly lead to signs like this below about paying in advance. You've always had to pay first during the night, but i think this is a first for me having to pay during the day.

SuperNews: Mugged At The Gas Station

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2 thoughts on “Gas Drops & New Policies”

  1. Yeah, it's crazy! I never thought seeing 83.9 at the station again.btw – In BC now, it's a law: You MUST pay before you pump, either at the pump or go in first and pay. Been a right pain in the next. The law, known as Grant's law, came about as an employee security measure after a gas station worker was dragged by a vehicle and died after going after a gas and dash.While I think it is totally tragic, I don't think that an employee should ever be feel obligated to chase after a thief like that. So, to me, the law seems like a major over-correction. That said, you get used to it. But it still bites.

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