Trek is Back

I can not explain how excited I am for the next Star Trek film.

I have found the last few box office outings a little disappointing as well as the last series Enterprise (that was canceled). A reboot to the series might just be what Star Trek needs right now to revitalize it's self.

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7 thoughts on “Trek is Back”

  1. at comic-con, they were giving out 4 different posters that when put together made one giant poster that looked like the above poster you've got there. we were unsuccessful in getting all 4. boo!

  2. oh, i'm not complaining about comic-con. i love that con. i have been to wizard world in chicago… and it was a little sad. it was all right, but it's hard to really get into it when you've been to the one in san diego… hehe.

  3. Cool! I had not idea this was coming out and now I'm stoked, too. I never watched many of the TV episodes, but loved the first 5-6 movies. My dad owned them and I've watched them several times over. Goody!

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