Headphones Fail… Again

Last April my iPod Touch headphones broke and Apple quickly replaced them since they were still under warranty. Unfortunately, the replacement ones have also failed.

This time I thought I would just grin and bear it, but the final straw was having to use electrical tape to hold the whole thing together.

Like I've said before, I can't believe that the headphones have failed… again. Before you think I use my headphones as an Indian Jones whip or jumping rope here's the breakdown of my iPod usage. I have a dock dock in the car, my computer speakers at work so I only use them in bed for occasional listening. The rest of the time they sit on my night stand.

I hope Apple will replace the replacement since I really don't want to use my 15 year old Sony headphones (that are still in one piece and working) or shell out some money to buy some replacements.

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2 thoughts on “Headphones Fail… Again”

  1. I just wish Apple had put a speaker in the gen 1 Touch as I use it alot with my kids and I don't like them shoving the ear buds into their little ears. But I do keep the sound very low as not to damage their hearing.

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