Shelving, Storage and Shredding

If you've lived anywhere for a few years you'll know that you start to accumulate stuff, lots of stuff. A large percentage of it unimportant but you find yourself unable to get ride of it and no place to put it all. That's been my dilemma up till now. I've had a wall of boxes stacked like Tetris in the garage and every time I needed something it required me to invariably move a large percentage of boxes. It was a nightmare. Well no more!

This week my Dad and I built shelves to help me get a hold of my storage nightmare. It took a good the better part of the day but it's finished and already full.


Wanting to maximize the space got me thinking about what's in these boxes and can we get rid of anything? I'm sorry I asked, today alone I've emptied five boxes and filled two boxes for recycle. I also purchased a paper shredder and I'll be shredding for the next month to dispose of all the sensitive documents due to the manufacturer recommended 50 sheets a day limit.

It's like being an archeologist and the years of your life levels of earth you have to sift through. Most of it's junk but once in awhile you find a forgotten gem. A good rule of thumb I use if I haven't used it in five years that's a good indication that you probably never will. One thing that makes me go on these purges every few years is the tendency of people to say you need more room. We don't need more room, we need less stuff! Sure it's sad to see things go than you've kept since high school, but it can also be very liberating to get rid of it.

In the end it's just stuff and things, inadament inanimate objects that we become emotionally vested in. In the end it's the memories that count.

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6 thoughts on “Shelving, Storage and Shredding”

  1. i don't have much crap to get rid of, but steve sure does. unfortunately, since he is a "collector," we can't really get rid of stuff… i mean, do you really think we're gonna get rid of 20 years worth of comic books? and our DVDs and CDs? hehe. yeah. we're dooooomed. hehe.

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