Quebec Votes 2008… Again

Now that the 2008 American Presidential race (GObama) is over we get to look forward to the 2008 Quebec Provincial election! Exciting isn't it?

You wonder why there is so much voter apathy when it seems every two years there is either a Federal or Provincial election. So even though we just had a Federal election we now have a December 8th Provincial vote.

Local Montreal CTV News has more in depth coverage of the announcement. Unfortunately I can't embed it.

This morning I saw the first party sign up at 8am even before I had heard officially that the election had been called. One thing to be said, it's nice not having the USA's two year long campaigns. But I guess we make up for it by having elections more often. At least the campaign is only a few weeks long.

Remember to get out there and vote people!

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6 thoughts on “Quebec Votes 2008… Again”

  1. After the federal, we have municipal elections in this province next weekend, and the provincial election is gearing up for spring. You're right-all elections, all the time!

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