I Got DMCAed

At least I think I did?

Today I got a very nice letter from YouTube saying that one of my videos has a copyright violation and that it has been removed. And it only took them since March 2006 to catch it.

The offending video is the ultrasound of ET and it's 40 seconds long. I know I used a "real song" but is this really a good use of your time when people are uploading television show to YouTube?

They did offer me the opportunity to switch out the audio with a licensed music with was fast, simple and got my video reposted on YouTube.

So you can see the audio swapped version below. But you know the really funny thing? You can find the song I used Batidinha by Antonio Carlos Jobim on YouTube with way more views and posted recently.

So let this be a lesson to you that they'll find you. That's why you might as well use some creative commons music and let the music industry die.

If you're interested here is the song I used in my video. I found the entire song on YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “I Got DMCAed”

  1. Bizarre. But I guess I could see an artist not wanting their work used in derivative pieces, but having no problem with people spreading it in its non-derivative form. After all, that's why there's a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license – it allows exactly that. I'm not sure Jobim or his rights management firm is doing that, but it's at least one logical explanation for the DMCA takedown.

  2. don't blame youtube, when they receive a take down notice they have no choice but to take down the video, if they don't not only do they open up themselves to be sued by the owner, but they open them selves to everyone to sue them instead of issuing take down notices.Here is an interesting article about the DCMA and takedown notices, I think everyone should read it before complaining about youtube.

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