Halloween Day & Night

The boys had their light weight Halloween costumes of Dash from the Incredibles and pit crew for Lighting McQueen for daycare which they really enjoyed. But lets face it, that's just the warm-up for the main event later that night.

Being off for paternity leave left me able to pick them up early and see all their little friends dressed up, they were all so excited. I also caught the end of a petite spectacle that was put on at the daycare.

As per tradition of the past few years my parents came over to see the kids (I have to say kids now, not boys. Having a third kid is really starting to be work). My dad comes out with us and my mom helps hands out the candy, which was really helpful this year as Donna might be feeding AR and can't exactly make it to the door.

But she did get dressed for the occasion.

You might not think Scooby-Doo and Batman necessarily go together but they do trust me.

Scooby Meets BatmanScooby-DooBatman

As us men went off to forage for much needed supplies (candy) we left the women folk to tend to the children (I'm so  joking about this).

We cast our net wider this year and doubled our normal route. Taking turns of pulling the wagon (but my dad did most of that. Thanks dad).

I've perviously made mention of the lengths some people in my neighbourhood go to decorate their homes for Halloween, but seeing is believeing. These people certainly have some imagination and time. One of the places had one cropse face down with a knife in it's back and a gallows with another hanging. Yikes!


Now I have to apologise to Donna. Running up to Halloween she was worried we'd run out of candy. I assured her not to worry and we'd be fine with the 80 bags she made. But still she bought some more just to make sure we didn't run out. I'm sorry honey you were right.

A little after we got home trick or treating and my parents left we got nailed by a pack of teenagers that nearly cleaned us out. I quickly turned off the lights and moved the pumpkins to the back balcony before the next batch could descend upon us. Today Donna estimates we got 120-130 kids show up. Yikes! That's alot of kids.

Till next year everyone.

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Day & Night”

  1. first of all, your little disclaimer re: joking about the women folk staying home tending to the children made me laugh. hehe… i love that you put that disclaimer there. hehe.second… HOLY CRAP. people really get into it in your neighborhood! in the 6 or 7 years i've lived here (and steve's lived here longer than that) we've NEVER EVER EVER had a single ToT'er… we FINALLY got 3 this time! and i was SO surprised! i always buy a little bag of candy "just in case." no one really gets into it in our neighborhood… man, your boys got a TON of loot! hehe… what fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

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