Tennant to Leave Doctor Who

That's right… after the 2009 Doctor Who specials the Tardis will have a new Doctor.

To all you recent fans, don't worry you'll get through it. Classic Doctor Who fans have seen this before and it's nothing new. Remember change is good.

Besides the average for an actor to play the Doctor is about three years anyway, of course I'm discounting Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston as the longest and shortest stints as the Doctor. And no I'm not counting the 1996 Paul McGann tv movie. That was a moive not a series.

Most importantly I'd like to hear who you'd like to see fill Tennant's sneakers in 2010. Long shots, shoe in's? What are your thoughts?

Edit additional:

DWIN's blog has two posts on who they would like to see take over the roll of Doctor Who in 2010. Who I’d Like to be Who Part 1 & Part 2.

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9 thoughts on “Tennant to Leave Doctor Who”

  1. I don't know why British actors are so scared of being associated with a program. Perhaps it's that I'm used to the American television format of 20+ episodes a season and doing so many seasons that they beat the show to death. ;-). I would love to see an out the box Doctor.

  2. Yeah I can understand that but over the past 40 years of DW it's always been a big think knowing that the actor is leaving. Back in the 80's when I was watching a couple years behind what was airing in the UK they were already onto a new actor I just started watching him here.

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