Halloween Prep

As any of you with children know that their next favorite seasonal event after Christmas is almost upon us.

This year the boys painted their own little pumpkins and Daddy couldn't help get in on the fun. ET did a great face on his and was done in five minutes and Carts took at least thirty minutes plus painting his.

I guess he wanted to make sure he painted the whole thing. ET said my Nightmare Before Christmas one was cool, but I had to explain to him that daddy cheated and used the internet and his was much better because he thought it up himself.

Pumpkin faceMixed paintDaddy using google image search to impress his children


Like past years, we carved some pumpkins. And by we I mean Donna empty's them, I carve them and the boys check out how I'm doing during commercials. Which was okay, because I had a big headache and they were going to cause my head to implode. Last year we invested in a carving set that came with stencils that are really make the job faster and easier.


Also the boys classes at daycare made their own pumpkins and I snapped a photo of each. Boy they are spoiled. In my day we had one pumpkin and we liked it that way.

So what has your family planned for Halloween this year? Pumpkin carving? Costumes and trick or treating? Or turn off the lights and hide, hoping your house won't be covered in toilet paper?

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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9 thoughts on “Halloween Prep”

  1. LOL. "In my day we had one pumpkin and we liked it that way."you crack me up.we haven't even carved our pumpkin this year! man. we suck.i'm taking mia out for trick or treating and that's about it… we NEVER get any trick or treaters!

  2. Donna is worried we'll run out of candy and she has enough for 80+ kids. I told her after that many just turn the lights off. I hope to see some photos of Mia all dressed up?

  3. Love it!We don't really celebrate Halloween over here; although it is growing. When my teenage boy was about six I did buy a pumpkin (cost a fortune because out of season at the moment here) and he had a friend over and we carved out a pumpkin face. Unfortunately it gave Ben's friend nightmares and we had to extinguish the candle, so that was a bit of a downer.

  4. It's probably that we're just more pagan due to our proximity to the USA 😉 hence our celebrating Halloween. I'll try and post of a photo of this house down the street that is just covered with cobwebs, danger tape and other Halloween stuff. Some people go way over board over Halloween!

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