Annika’s First Days

We'd like to thank everyone for all kind posts here on VOX and Facebook.

Annika is a great little girl and much better behaved than here two older brothers. Who by the way totally adore her and always want to wake her up and hold their little sister. So far having three isn't much more work than two kids but I'm sure that will change soon enough.

Annika was 3.75kg (8.26lbs) and 49.5cm (19.48 inches) long at birth. Shorter than her brothers but in the middle weight wise.

Below you'll find not one but two videos (here's the Animoto for iPhone), her winning mention of the CJAD Delivery of the Day contest and a selection photos from her first few days at the hospital. Now stop asking me to post the dang photos 😉


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13 thoughts on “Annika’s First Days”

  1. Oh she a nice size. Might be a while before our little William catches up, he is currently 2.36Kg which is much better than about 700g when he was first born.Also thanks for the tip about Animoto. I never heard of that site and your slide show is brilliant.

  2. When Annika was born I was thinking of William and how small he must of been when he was born. He certainly is a fighter.Animoto is pretty cool. They let you do 30 seconds videos for free. I played $30 for a year worth of unlimited lenght videos. It's just so fast and simple and the end product is usually pretty good.

  3. Salut toute la famille,Nous sommes samedi, enfin je peux aller sur l'ordinateur…Merci beaucoup pour m'avoir fait parvenir les photos et les vidéos de la belle Annika Rose.

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