Last LaRonde

 The weekend before the big event, we had a boys only day at LaRonde and let Donna rest and relax.

Since we had the season pass we went one last time for the year for Halloween. Like last year, they had the place decked out in a Halloween theme… pumpkins, spiders, and people dressed up as vampires and rats walking around the park. There was even some kids already in their Halloween costumes.

I was going to buy some popcorn for us to snack on, but it was only being sold in the reusable bucket container for $10 (they must have hundreds left from the 2008 season) and it was way too much for the boys to eat late in the day. So we got beaver tails instead. In retrospect maybe not the best thing to give little kids with all that sugar, but certainly less volume than the bucket of popcorn and I didn't want them to be stuffed for dinner. I split one between the boys and they did eat most of it, but ET was disappointed he got a plain one and not the chocolate. They a got a plain one mainly do to my unwillingness to clean up all the chocolate they would invariably smear all over themselves… especially Carts.

We played some air hockey at the arcade (see the video) and the boys really liked that. Though Carts did get frustrated that he couldn't hit the puck very often. Did wish they had some more kid friendly games; I just don't think shooting zombies is appropriate for kids four and under. Call me crazy.   

It might have been a little cold, but the sun was out and we had a real enjoyable day. Plus it was a great confidence booster to my dad skills. 


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5 thoughts on “Last LaRonde”

  1. that's nice that you took the boys out… what a great age they're at, too. 🙂 you're a great dad and husband. 🙂 i'm sure donna really appreciated it. 🙂

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