The Final Countdown

With less than a week left till the arrive of our third (and better be final) child, the last few things are getting done around the house.

One such check box was assembling the bassinet. This being the third time I've assembled it, I'd have gotten the hang of it by now. Wrong.

Both Donna and I remembered there was a step I had forgotten last time and it required me to take half the thing apart. Unfortunately we couldn't remember it. Well I figured it out once I skipped the same step again and had to take it apart.

Almost an hour later I had succeed and

got it into the baby room ready for next week.

Just to update, Donna has been scheduled for a planned Caesarean on the 22nd and we have to be at the hospital for 6am. The kid is not even born and already making us get up at an ungodly hour!

Since I've finally figured out how to post to Twitter and send photos to Facebook from my cell I'll be getting the news out as soon as possible.

I would post directly to VOX but due to my cell and carrier, posting to VOX shows my cell number. Even though I deleted it immediately it's still indexed by Google.

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9 thoughts on “The Final Countdown”

  1. Well I was thinking of Grace but Donna didn't like it… just joking 🙂 That's been my default answer to people when they ask about names. I'll just give a teaser, the initials of her first and second name are A & R. Buy the time you get up on the 22nd she should be born.

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