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Pig City
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While shopping at Zellers this past long Thanksgiving weekend, I saw a Pig City (Porcité in French) VHS from season one on sale.

Although we did two seasons (and I was lucky enough to work on both) it's to bad we didn't get the number of seasons that these other budget VHS title had like Power Puff Girls or Rugrats.

What I found interesting was that these VHS on sale were all the French language versions. So does that mean that they ordered too many, everyone is buying DVD or that Francophones want to watch the movies in the original English?

I would love to get the complete second season as it had tons of Canadian content, better scripts and the crew as incidental characters. But I'm not the only one to think it was a good show. Check out this post from one of the animators that worked on the show. 

Oh and I would have bought it except I have it on DVD already.

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