Get Out And Vote!

Liberal Party
Conservative Party
Bloc Québécois
Green Party

As I was reminded by one of my VOX neigbours, today is the Canadian Federal Election and I am passing along the reminder as well.

No matter who you're voting for you only have till this evening to decide the future of our country for the next few years.

What's interesting is that the main three parties have also truing the the social media like their counterparts down south. You can follow Jack Layton of the NDP, the Liberal Party and Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Twitter.

If you need some help deciding on who to vote for or who not to vote for, why not check out the main players sites to get an idea what they are about.

Liberal Party of Canada
Conservative Party of Canada
Bloc Québécois
Green Party of Canada
New Democratic Party of Canada EDIT corrected accidental omission

And swing by Elections Canada to see what pieces of identification you'll need at the polling station for instance.

Remember lots of people have died in horrible wars past and present so we can complain about how our votes don't count. Also, you might forget that our grandmothers or great-grandmothers couldn’t even vote if they wanted to. Don't waste this privilege and right. Get out there and vote!

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7 thoughts on “Get Out And Vote!”

  1. So… the NDP aren't main players? 🙂
    Interesting how regional things get. I mean, I wouldn't have bothered linkin to the Bloc, but then, we don't even have the option out here. (Whereas the NDP are gaining major ground federally here in BC; I've heard that the Liberals could really take a beating this time around here.) I'm not saying the Bloc shouldn't exist, but what a crazy country we live in where we have a party (that has been the official opposition) whose base wants to fracture the country! 🙂 Now that's democracy!

  2. Good call to action! We have compulsory voting in Australia adn while a lot of o/s peopel think that sounds kind of weird, I actually think it is a good system as everyone participates in the decision making process (whether they like it or not :)).

  3. Sorry I accidentally left it out. But when you have a country as big as ours you're bound to have geographical divisions along political parties. I don't remember the NDP ever making advances here in Quebec, but I could be wrong.It's not that the Bloc wants to fracture the country in some malicious act, they just want to protect their own. It's a shame that the party was built around an us vs them mentality. I would love to vote for a party that would look after my provincial interests. It is unfortunate when ever groups are formed and exclude others based on ethnicity or in this case language and ethnicity. But we're pretty lucky considering we've only had the October Crisis when you see the decades of violence in places like Northern Ireland. Trudeau enacting the War Measures Act and rounding up supporters, sympathizers and the innocent based on their political views caused a lot of pain and resentment towards the Federal government.On the other hand the Bloc has really been down playing the sovereignty card the last few years as they realize that support for sovereignty isn't that popular to the masses. And the end of the day they are trying to get elected.

  4. Yeah, I get that it's not a, as you put it, 'a malicious act.' I didn't mean to imply it as such. Sorry 'bout that. You kind of prove my point in the 2nd paragraph there (just way better than me!): Even with the nasty Oct. crisis and a general history of being/feeling screwed over by les Anglais, (to which the collective conscience of Quebec says 'je me souviens') and feeling isolated and attacked culturally, things haven't become really bad and violent (with the exception of the Oct. crisis.) INSTEAD, we end up with a political party that looks out for that cultural interest and tries to separate, ultimately trying to change the very nature of the nation – and the 'rest' of gov't allows the party to exist. I mean, it just seems so unlikely that a party like that would not only thrive, but be recognized as a legimate player in the political scene, in most any other country. I find that amazing (in a good way)!I did notice that the soverignty debate has been downplayed significantly of late. In fact, it seems like they are almost de facto shifting to a party that does look out for provincial interests on the federal scene more than anything. And I see your point: having a party like that is attractive.

  5. It's ok I wasn't offend. 🙂 I just wanted to get the otherside of the story out there as well.It's certainly a positive reflection of the political freedom and tolerance we have in Canada. There are other countries other that would not allow a party like the Bloc to exsist.It's a shame that the Bloc doesn't realize we can do so much more together than apart.

  6. The Electoral authorities go around trying to make sure everyone who is eligible is enrolled every so often and impose fines on people who don't vote. They also make it very easy for people to vote, ie, polling booths in every neighbourhood, postal voting, even mobile polling booths in hospitals. I voted flat on my back in hospital after a c-section once. Might do a post on this as I didn't realise how unusual our system is. Oh and o/s is just short for overseas (don't really like the word 'foreigners' esp on here where we are all compatriots in a funny sort of way).

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