My Recycle Is Bigger Than Yours

Every six to twelve months I attack the garage. It's mostly my fault for not putting things away when I'm done with them. This last round started off pretty bad but after two weekends I've turned things around. But this time I was highly motivated since I had put away the Halloween stuff so well last year I couldn't even find it.

This past week we really had a lot of stuff to go out in the recycle. You can see our neighbours with only one paper bag out by the curb.

One positive to all this work is that I finally found the Halloween stuff and second the garage is in some semblance of order with most things in their place.

I freed up a lot of space by consolidating all the plastic cutlery and we are set for the foreseeable future in that regards. Arranged all the RCA and COAX cables I have accumulated over the years and labeled a few more boxes so that we can find stuff when we need to find their contents.

Has anyone else done some fall cleaning? Discovered any missing treasures? Or just realized how much of the stuff we have you don't really need.

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12 thoughts on “My Recycle Is Bigger Than Yours”

  1. This is nothing! When I'm off on parental leave for 3 or the 5 weeks (in 10 day, yikes!) one of the projects besides looking after another child is to build storage shelves in there. Right now I have a wall of boxes stacked floor to ceiling and I always need that one box at the bottom.

  2. We have plenty of stuff we don;t need it is a matter of getting to it and doing something with. Also lots of "to do" projects which may never get down.Your neighbour's bag seems so lonely all by itself, I really think your recycling needs to be a bit more neighbourly and go and visit the poor lonely bag.

  3. Great Job. We recycle but we live way out in the country so we have to haul all of our recycling to the closest city. I hate to say this but since all of our children are grown up and out of the house, we know where everything is, however we do a fall and spring clean up and round up. Our number One rule during this time is…if you haven't used it in two years get rid of it.

  4. man, i'm always doing some sort of cleaning. i just cleared out a bunch of crap out of mia's room yesterday. ufffff. it never ends!wait…. your baby monitor there says one day to go! ooooh! any day now!

  5. the two year rule is a good one to have. I don't have a number of years set on it since we've only been here 4 years, but if I'm not using it or it's taking up room out it goes to the recycle or trash.

  6. if we could just train the boys to put stuff away instead of emptying toy boxes we'd be alot better off.Actually, I never updated the baby calendar, we're going in on the 22nd.

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