Doctor Who Series 4 Starts on CBC

Just a little reminder to my fellow Canadian Doctor Who fans that the fouth series of Doctor Who is starting September 19th at 9pm on CBC.

And let me tell you, you're in for a few surprises this season. Allons-y!


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10 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 4 Starts on CBC”

  1. This has been on for a while in Australia and from what we have seen of it, it is good. Unfortunately we haven't been able to watch much this season as my daughter has started getting too scared by it (actually had to stop watching part way through Season 3 because those people with pig heads freaked the kids out too much and then it was a new Ood episode in Season 4 that had the same effect on them). I'm sure we will get to watch them all one day.

  2. I've only watched the trailer with ET. I would love to start watching the old 60's episodes with him since he's small enough to be scared but old enough to realize it's horribly fake :-)It's strange to think one day we'll watch tv as a family, since sometimes we're not allowed to watch the news ;-).

  3. Doctor Who is back and I am excited to see Canadians will have the chance to see season 4. I can't get enough of the Doctor. I have seen every Doctor except for William Hartnell, the first Doctor. I have enjoyed them all except for Colin Baker. I don't think it was Coilin Baker's fault as the direction that series took. No matter , All hail the Doctor's.PS. Richard Hurndall replaced William Hartnell in the "Five Doctors anniversary episode.

  4. You might be surprised though. I remember watching one of the old ones with my kids and they got quite drawn into it. This one featured a Loch Ness monster which looked, to my eyes, like a hand puppet. The kids didn't seem to notice this though. I remember being completely freaked out by the spiders in the old series and I'm sure my two sensitive souls would be even now in the days of high quality special effects.
    Incidentally on the subject of sci fi kids, my son has been enjoying some old episodes of Star Trek I picked up cheaply on dvd for him. He also watched the original Star Wars recently and loved it. He is 5yo.

  5. Season four rocks, I cheated. being a Canadian but not willing to wait for the CBC to show it I downloaded it, this also had the advantage of being able to see all the episodes of Doctor Who Confidential. For those who haven't seen it yet, the finale is going to blow your mind, I am still in shock over it.

  6. You're not the only Canadian who can't wait for it to air here ;-).I have been less than impressed with CBC's lack of promotion of Doctor Who. Series One aired days after the UK airing, they had a good site and Billie Piper introduced every episode.

  7. Yeah the CBC has gone down hill with it's promotion of DW since then, and they aren't even airing Torchwood, they sold the Canadian rights to Space. It really sucks that the CBC is a major sponsor in the production of both shows yet as far as airing them in Canada they treat them like shit.

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