My Little Monkeys

Sunday we went to see Space Chimps and they were giving out masks of the characters from the film. They were so funny wearing them during the film and later when we walked around the mall.

Little Carts took a minute to realize that with wearing the mask he could not eat his popcorn so he had to lift it up. I should add that this was the first movie that Carts has sat through thereby not requiring anyone to go chasing after him or walk the mall for an hour.

The photo doesn't do it justice how funny they look wearing them. Monkeys!

The film itself was okay. Nothing ground breaking, but there were some humorous lines that made me crack up. References to David Bowie and Star Wars are always appreciated. I'm glad we saw it instead of Kung-Fu Panda or we would have had to boys doing kung-fun moves on each other all weekend. They do have a nice site where you can download and print masks and or colouring pages yourself.

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13 thoughts on “My Little Monkeys”

  1. Those masks on your boys actually a bit disconcerting, G! lol
    think that movie is starting in Australia soon too. However my kids are more keen to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua for some reason – so think my husband and I will have to see who draws the short straw for that one. 😦

  2. It's been out here since the summer but we go to the Dollar Cinema where they show second run films. But the up side it's only $2 to get in per person and everything else is $1. When was the last time you could take the entire family to see a movie for $20?ET saw the Chihuahua trailer at Walle and told me Carts would like to see it because there are woof woofs in it. Woof woofs are what his little brother calls dogs, which are a favorite.

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