Comic Book Advice

I've been collecting comics for half my life and I've run into a problem. I have too many! Not that you can have too many comics, just too many to keep track of in any kind of order.

So this is an open invite to all the collectors out there; how do you organize your collection?

Do you organize them alphabetically? Number your boxes? Keep a master list of your inventory and have the location listed? Use online or offline software?

Unfortunatley, I don't have an extra room available to house my collection like I should. Well not until at least two of the three kids move out (the third who's due date is in a month), but that's 20-25 years out and I can't wait that long to organize.


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8 thoughts on “Comic Book Advice”

  1. Works. And Laser Scanners are cheap on Ebay.Also if you use Amazon you get nearly all info (Author, Publishing Date, etc.) automatic and have not to type it in 🙂

  2. oh, my lord. when i was pregnant, i tried organizing steve's comics. holy CRAP. i never wanna do that again. they're all in those boxes that are specifically made for comic books (or mags, i guess) and i tried organizing them by publisher and title and author. unfortunately, you know how sometimes they change publishers? yeah. that became a problem. oh, and sometimes authors change. and the crossovers. OH GOD, CROSSOVERS ARE MY yeah. i just did the best i could… it wasn't easy. and it ended up being not pretty. hehe. your friend, the engineer, up there might have the best way to do it…

  3. Mine just go into boxes to be organized and divied up in the event of my death. If there is a story you want to read again, buy it as a TB instead of looking for it.

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