August Comics

I know it's September, but I did pick these up last month and it's taken awhile to write them up.

The Red Star: Sword of Lies #3
Imagine if the Cold War had included magic and advanced technology and that's The Red Star. I know that's the five cent explanation but I've wasted too much time looking a blank screen trying to explain it.

This mini series (in which I missed #2) depicts the war that leads to the creation the Red Star state.

The Red Star series is probably one of the best looking books I've ever read, consistent quality is sometimes hard to find in an on going series like this. Of course I say that knowing full well that the title seems to be on bi-yearly release cycle.

The Authority #1

Another relaunch of Wildstorms premiere superhero team.

This story is continued from the Wildstorm series Number of the Beast (which I did not read), where the heroes lost and the world is devastated.
It's looking pretty bleak and the Authority are gathering up the few remaining survivors of London in their ship that crashed in the middle of London. All technology is dead are so are most of the people. It's pretty rare to see a series start with the heroes defeated, of course that means that things can only get better… right? Right?
Check out the PDF preview

Cade Skywalker having found the secret Jedi base waits to see if the Jedi will go along with his plan to assassinate the Sith. Of course they don't and he teams up with the Empire.
Also it's finally revealed that Jariah Syn's hatred of the Jedi stems from his father being killed by one years ago. Duh.

Check out the preview

I think I have a soft spot for this title mainly because I really liked the 80's version so much.Unfortunately it's not written by J. Michael Straczynski like the previous series was, but it seems okay.

This issue is introducing a new bunch of super heroes so there probably won't be any real action for a few more issues.

What I don't like is then even though I picked up the complete Supreme Power series they keep making references to some other series, mini-series or one shots I never picked up. I hate those mainly because I think are just a money grab and very rarely move a story forward.

I'll give it a few issues to see if turning DC and Marvel characters 90 degrees is enough to keep me interested.

Powers #29

Finally the story of Detective Deena Pilgrim going AWOL with super powers has come to an end.

It wasn't that bad of a story arc, it just seems it could have been a tad shorter.

It was interesting to see a cop become a junkie due to a virus that gives you super powers and then go on a killing spree of the bad guys who have also have the same power virus. Not your usual fodder of a cop or super power book, well certainly not the same book.

Looking forward to the next story arc!

Elephantmen #13

Subtitled Invasion Squid Force this issue kicks off a new story with a meteor crashing into Santa Monica Beach.

Hip Flask investigates and discovers it's really a biological weapon and people are going to start to die.

There's a side story with Obadiah Horn being mortally wounder by debrie from the same meteor when it causes his car to crash.

I've professed my love of Elephantmen before and I'll do it again. A high point in both story and art. To me it's up there with classics like Metabarons and The Incal from Humanoid Publishing

Doctor Who #6

Having missed half the issues of this story arc I have no idea what's going, who's who and why vilans are now allies.

As an on going story from a television property you usually know what to expect. It's not the best, but certainly not the worst I've seen. Hard core fans need not apply.

Mainly I read it due to being a fan of the show and having collected the 1980's Doctor Who comics (which at the time were pretty cheap at comic conventions and propabley still are) and IDW are reprinting those along stories under the Classic Doctor title.

Basic Doctor Who story of saving all existence and only adequate art work leaves a lot of room to improve this title.

I did get goose bumps when I saw the cover for the next series with the first Doctor on the cover though.

Now for the real big comic news.

Komico my comic store that I have been going to for over a decade (about 12 years) has moved to a new location!

Though I am a little sad to see the old place go and with it the trappings of the average comic shop. I'm blown away with how nice the new location is.

There's three rooms now. One for new releases, a second for bins of back issues and a whole room dedicated just to trade paper backs!

Parking is a little bit better and if you're lucky you might even score some free parking on a side street.

The added room has allowed artwork to go up on the walls. They even have some Prince Valiant prints that are super cool comic history.

I'm really going to have to start going more frequently.

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