Google Chrome

Unless you have a life and could care less about computers you should just skip this post. For the rest of you, let's talk about the new browser from Google called Chrome.

It certainly has some positive facets to it. 
  • Each tab is it's own process so no more losing the whole browser when a tab takes a nose dive. Like when you've been writing a post on VOX for a few hours and haven't saved.

  • It's based on the open source Webkit browser so it's supposed to be fast and reliable.
  • Google has a comic to explain the benefits on Chrome. I know it doesn't have anything to do with Chrome itself, it's just cool.
  • There is a task manager so you can see what Tabs are stealing resources and kill that one Tab. There is also a "stats for nerds" where you can really drill down in memory usage. Nice touch.
  • Incognito mode to cover your tracks when surfing online.

And now the downside.

  • It upchucked when I tried to have a PDF open in a new window, totally freezing my machine. Hard reboot required.

  • It seems Firefox is not the only one to have some issues with playing embedded Flash video.
  • No plug-ins… for now. There are some Firefox extensions I can not live with out!
  • The Chrome logo looks like a Pokéball
  • One of two computers I installed Chrome on did not import my bookmarks. A very tedious task to enter them manually let me tell you.
  • It doesn't seem possible to add sites to a white list for the pop-up blocking.
  • I can't send a link to an email client by right clicking and saying send to email. I have to old school copy and paste.

EDIT – Additional

  • A real deal breaker for me is that the Google search box that is present in both Firefox and Internet Explorer is absent in Chrome. You have to open a new window or tab, but on the other hand you can do a Google search in the address bar.

So all in all a good first release, I mean it's still a beta. And yes I know with Google it could stay in beta for years. I'm confident thought they will work out the bugs regarding video playback and the other hiccups I experienced in the near future.

But I'm really looking forward to seeing where Chrome goes and what new features Google implements in subsequent revisions.

EDIT – Additional
According to StatCounter, Chrome reached 1% of browser use on sites they track (I use them here on on it's first day of release. That's quite some numbers. I'd like to see the numbers over a longer period of use.

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4 thoughts on “Google Chrome”

  1. Google Chrome's cartoon threw me off the 1st time I saw it. I wanted to go back and look at it again, but haven't had a chance yet. Chrome is so flawed with video viewing- plugins. There is a reported leak. Chrome looks very simple, yet it is nothing new at all. There is a homepage that you can set, but its not for amateur use. It won't be a hit with customers that likes simple instructions. No setup, just WYSIWYG.?

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