Maple Leaf Recall

If you've been living under a rock the past few weeks you would have still heard about the largest food recall in Canadian history from Maple Leaf. Due to Listeria monocytogenes contamination at one of it's processing plants Maple Leaf has recalled all 220 items packaged at the plant.

There has been 29 cases and 15 deaths eight deaths so far (sorry about that, don't know where I got 15 deaths from). I say so far since it might take up to 70 days for the listeriosis bacteria to incubate. Very scary stuff.

Maple Leaf foods is going to have a long road ahead of itself to recover from this. Michael McCain, President & CEO of Maple Leaf Foods has been feartured in television apologizes for the contamination.

Maple Leaf stock is taking a nose dive just like you'd think, with a lost of $250 million at last count. But business experts say that Maple Leaf will make a full recovery and liken their proactive actions to Johnson & Johnson's after the 1982 Tylenol cyanide murders.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a complete list of recalled products on site. Maple Leaf says not to eat any product labeled with establishment number 97B, but you everyone is ditching all they Maple Leaf products in the home just to make sure, I know we did. You might think that we are over reacting but we do have two groups at risk, children and pregnant women living at home.

I'd like to know how has this affected you and your family? Have you sworn off processed foods? Started visiting your local butcher more? Or are you a vegetarian and telling everyone I told you so?

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4 thoughts on “Maple Leaf Recall”

  1. Remember the pet food recall, one of the veggies got called up 2? What else got called up? The media does not tell you the technical specifics like what exactly Listeria is expect that its a bacteria and what symptoms you will have. Grrr. I am more concerned only about my raw chicken from maple leaf. I haven't brought it for 2 months. Now its to pricey organic chicken and getting more lentils and beans…

  2. My most recent deli-meat eating experience was during my short hospital stay when peaches was born and, sadly, it's not uncommon for hospitals and the like to be exactly the kind of places for these kind of outbreaks. I'm being pretty vigilant about my own health these days, especially because of the lengthy incubation period.I am very thankful that I was no longer pregnant at the time though, so I can totally understand the massive meat removal at your place. Really, it just isn't worth it!By the way, did you know that it isn't limited to just Maple Leaf products? There are other brands that come from their factories that are listed in the recall too. (Or so our paper reported.)

  3. It was bad enough when people's pets were dying, now the owners? I agree that the media is spreading a bit of fud. Saying that it's food poisoning doesn't sound as threading.It seems that the majority of the deaths have been in the 70 to 90 age range.

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