If you have small kids you should so be letting them watch the Sesame Street Podcast . ET's current favorite is octagon with Jack Black. When we drive around his points out all the octagons. It was cute the first few dozen times.

If you don't have iTunes you can always check out their YouTube channel or the official site.

Google isn't the only one who has products perpetually in beta. Now your kids can feel just like mom and dad with a beta site. Beta means it's cool.

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4 thoughts on “Octagon”

  1. dude, mia's always pointing out octagons. she hasn't seen that. she's got one of those shape books and the stop sign is the octagon shape (obviously) and yeah. it was cute for the first dozen times or so. hehe.

  2. mia does this thing where she HAS to make sure that i acknowledge her. she'll say something OVER AND OVER AND OVER again until i respond. it gets tiring. hehe.

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