Canada’s Olympic Drought, Over!

All I can say it thank god we started winning some medals! I was starting to get worried there.

Although this has been my least watched Olympic Games ever (not from lack of interest, just lack of free time), I was still keeping an eye on the Canadian medal count. Unfortunately, for about a week the count was stuck at zero. I'm relived that we're not going to be walking away empty handed.

I am disappointed with the lack of sailing on CBC's on demand site, I would like to have seem some sailing and see how the pros do it.

Holy crap, way to go Australia!

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10 thoughts on “Canada’s Olympic Drought, Over!”

  1. Eh, Australia always gets lots of medals, I kind of wish we wouldn't do so well, so we get to hear about some great athletes from other countries. Although the media is probably all over Michael Phelps. Can't say I've watched any Olympic coverage this year, so I don't know.

  2. Australia is always high up in the medal tally early because the swimming is on early. We usually slip back to a more realistic position once they start all the other sports we are not good in.
    Actually quite enjoying the swimming being over as it means we get to see other sports on Australian tv. Quite liked watching the cycling team pursuit last night (the one that UK won, I think). They looked like little wind up storm troopers with those funny hats on.

  3. Well at least when your television coverage does profiles on athletes it's because they've actually won a medal. Because of the time delay here in Canada you're watching profiles on athletes they have already not qualified for a medal. Or course a plus is that they show you condensed versions of all the races so you can watch more in a shorter time.

  4. Oh, Canada's drought is long gone. Why support the Aussies? Do u have Aussie blood lol? Oh, also Phelps is a cover boy for Sports Illustrated. FYI for some of the people that absorbed 4 him.

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