Apple on Fire Say Annalists, Figuratively and Literally

Apple is on fire with the new iPhone 3G. As if you didn't know.

According to Steve Jobs the App Store has sold $30 million dollars worth of apps in it's first month with 60 million downloads (most of which were free apps). While Jobs is mute on how many iPhones have been sold some say 3 million iPhones have been sold in the first 30 days of it's launch.

And there are still line ups for Apple's little phone.

Yesterday evening there was a fire at the Cupertino headquaters of Apple. The three alarm fire took more than 60 firefighters to extinguish and was under control by 12:30am Wednesday morning.

No one was injured (that's why I'm making light of the subject).

I'm just wondering if this fire could not have been started by the shere awesomeness and epic power of the new secret product that Apple will be unveiling this fall that was hinted at during the latest Apple earnings call?

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