Day Three

When we (the parents) finally got up (as apposed to the kids who were up sometime around 5 or 6am), it was over cast but a few sunny breaks.

We ate at this great old retro dinner and we got a corner both to fit all of us. The boys had to be sat apart as siblings at this age usually have to be. Downside to not being a coffee drinker, you don't get free refills, orange juice is not cheap.

Then we hit the outlets. I still can't believe that there is not one consumer electronic out store in the whole area, they would clean up with all the board husbands with nothing to do.

Funny story. We got caught out in a thunder storm across the street and down quite a bit from where we parked the car. So we called my mom so the kids could say hi, since last night they were asleep when we called. So we waited out the storm.

After finishing off the left overs from Pizza Hut we spent the afternoon at The Great Escape.

Thanks to the thunderstorm the park was less busy then yesterday so the boys got to go on a few more rides (the Train) and visit their favorites (the Motorcycles).

Went swimming in the heated pool at the Lynn Aire Motel. ET loved and Carts did a great dive into the pool. He wasn't even scared, but it finally got him in.



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