Day Two Recap

We couldn't have asked for better weather, well we could have but that would have just been greedy.

It was a great day at the Great Escape & Splash Water Kingdom (which we've never been to).

New this year at the Great Escape is the Wiggles World, unfortunately they did away with the Hall of Justice that we saw last year. But you certainly get more for the space now with the Wiggles.
We stayed and watched the Wiggles show they had. All the characters with costumes were there. Wags the dog, Dorthy the Dinosaur, Henry the octopus and Captain Feather Sword.
Of course Ethan asked where the four Wiggles guys were. A few kids got up to dance, but the  boys just clapped and sang along. ET took a wonderful picture with Wags but like with real dogs Carts admired from afar.

We hit the Loony Toons themed kid park and took in the rides that we don't have at home.

The we spent a good part of the afternoon at the Water Park which is little bit nicer than the Granby Zoo water park. ET attacked the waves in the wave pool and even went down the water side a few times. It's probably the first time I've been on a water slide in at least 15 years.

On the way out, Donna and her Dad took Carts on the Merry Go Round. ET was being a little grumpy since all he wanted to go see was the little Wild West village. But once we got there the boys were running around house to house, exploring to there hearts content.

They even touched a tortoise at the petting zoo, very courageous!
Like last year we got a barrel of balls for the ball toss and they did really well. ET won one prize and Carts (my little pitcher) won two. I guess I can excuse for him launching all those balls in my face… he was just practicing.

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