Got Me An RBC EEE Pc

Some of you might remember the Royal Bank of Canada's promotion a few months ago of giving a way EEE PC's. Sure there were a series of hoops you had to jump through to qualify, but they were minimized since I was already an RBC client.

Well after a few months of waiting I've received my EEE PC  701.

My initial elation has been replaced with the real world limitations of my little white laptop. Here are some of my issues I have with Asus' small form factor that could.

  • Watching Divx video full screen causes the audio and video to fall out of sync. Strangely enough increasing the size of the video window to maximum I get great play back.

EDIT: I discovered if I set the media player to drop frames it will play full screen quite nice.

  • The battery life is horrible! Of course the battery is small, but I guess I was dreaming of actually getting the 2.8 hours of run time that Asus says I should be getting. I don't know what I was thinking.
  • Seven inches is small… get your mind out of the gutter! Having a 20" at home and a wide screen at work, 7" is quite the adjustment.

I don't think I would noticed the limitations of the EEE PC if I didn't have my iPod Touch. I can do pretty much everything my EEE PC can do but better and faster.

But it's not all bad.

  • I can post to Vox something my $400 iPod Touch can't do. I can write posts off line in OpenOffice, save them and post when I get a wifi connection.
  • I find it pretty comfortable to type on it given the extremely small full keyboard layout.
  • It's pretty sweet having a little laptop that was free.
  • I find the speakers pretty loud considering their small size.

So there are some pluses and minuses like with any consumer electronic device, but for the most part I'm happy with with my little (free) EEE PC.

Oh and I wrote this whole post, including uploading the photo on my EEE PC.

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5 thoughts on “Got Me An RBC EEE Pc”

  1. this model has almost the same specs as my Compaq I bought in 2001. Lots of manufacturers have netbooks now and you can spend $600+ on them. But they (for the time being) are not the power houses like a desktop or a $600 full size laptop is.

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