Missing Mama

I don't want this to degenerate into one of those apologetic blog posts about how I have not been daily posting or neglecting my neigoubour here on VOX. Lord knows I've been doing just that, but like last summer I find myself slowing down on the blog activity when I'm actually busy.

We've already had one week of vacation and I haven't even touched the photos or video to get it posted, for shame I know! But life intrudes on the best laid plans of humans.

Donna spent five days in the hospital with a migraine straddling this past weekend. She's out now and feeling better. It's not uncommon for pregnant women to suffer from migraines but better safe then sorry.

It was a little rough to be a single parent for a few days. A few i s and t s were left uncrossed and dotted but I think I did pretty good considering. Let's just say that we're all happy that mommy is home again!

One of low points / funny story in 20 years was when Carts one morning from 4am to 6am was calling / screaming for MAMA. For the most part the boys did pretty well. ET did mention one night after coming back from the hospital that I don't like Mommy in the Hospital.

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6 thoughts on “Missing Mama”

  1. Glad that Donna is home, and more importantly, that she's well!btw – I'm at 36 weeks! One more week until 'term' and then I can relax a bit and not feel too badly that I want this kid out! 🙂

  2. Rule #1 is that you always take care of the real world stuff first. Vox will be here when you're ready for it. Glad to hear your wife is OK. @Tryphaena: I have a friend whose wife is at 36 weeks with twins. She wants them out NOW. 🙂

  3. Ack – with twins! Well, that just puts me to shame. My co-worker delivered her twins at 32 weeks this last spring and she looked, well, huge, and very uncomfortable. Whatever comfort it is, it must also be pleasing to know they've made it this long; it isn't always the case. Good luck!

  4. How am I feeling? Pregnant! :PBut the weather has gotten much cooler – sitting in the mid-20s – and that is helping a lot. I'm not nearly as uncomfortable, but I am starting to want to meet this kiddo. It's been sitting in me for 8 months and the only thing I know about it is that it likes to hang out with it's bum on my right side and that the evening is a great time for it to get some exercise!

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