Doctor Horrible

A tweet of mine got picked by non affiliated to Twitter, Pick of the Twitter.

Should I be excited? Or does this mean you just have mention a tech personality, iTunes and the latest Josh Wedon project to get indexed?

What you haven't hear of Joss Wedon's latest project? For shame!

It's called Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. It stars Neil Patrick Harris (who's awesome!), Nathan Fillion & Felicia Day. It's a super funny musical take on the super hero genera. Catch it free while you can online. If you miss it, you might try getting it on iTunes for a few dollars if you can't wait for the odvious DVD release.

Check out the mini comic on Dark Horse's MySpace page of Captain Hammer or buy some t-shirts over on Jinx.

I so hope we are going to see some more of these mini episodes from Joss Wedon in the future! I really commend Wedon on trying out a new format and distribution model for Dr. Horrible. Hopefully this will show the big studios and networks that you can make money by giving away your media.

Dr. Horrible Preview

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