Thursdays, Just Spread Out


Having not been to car Thursdays for a few weeks due in part to the usual child herding issues we encountered last time and in addition my attempt to curb my addiction to strawberry parfaits (which is failing miserably), we took another go at it.

And you know what? The boys pretty much behaved themselves (until we started to leave). But over all it was a nice outing with the family. For some reason ice cream always makes family outing go better.

Carts was quite taken by a stuffed dog in a car and the lady actually let him sit beside it so I could take a picture. As you can tell he was extremely excited. ET was offered to get in as well, but I guess we've already instilled in him the fear of getting into a strangers car so he declined the offer.



Superizingly I don't believe I've seen this car on a Thursday before. ET and I found it interresting since the engine was in the trunk and I though it was pretty strange seeing the gas tank lid forward of the driver's side door.

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2 thoughts on “Thursdays, Just Spread Out”

  1. ice cream makes EVERYTHING better. :)i seriously think it's so great that you take them on thursdays. what great memories the boys will have. 🙂

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