Canada Day

 We took in this year's Canada Day festivities at the Arena with tons of stuff to keep the kids entertained and as any parent knows, a busy kid is a happy kid.

I got interviewed by Ronald McDonald for McDonald's TV, personally I like to be behind the camera, but luckily there is no proof.

The Scouts (from the same camp my dad attended and worked in the '50's & '60's) had a rock climbing wall. ET along with some cousins when up. I was temped myself but I'm sure I had a good 50 pounds on the guys running it and didn't want to pull them up the wall if I had to let go. ET only made it up 8 or 10 feet but I think he did great considering he's only three and never climbed that high before.

IMG_6690IMG_6692IMG_6694My little rock climberIMG_6696IMG_6697


After a full day of rides and running around we had dinner at Donna's parents, which is located conveniently around the block. Carts was asleep before we got back to the Arena and ET fell asleep on his grandfather Jim's shoulders watching the dancing acts on stage.

So we let the boys have a couple hours of sleep and woke them up for the fireworks since ET would have never forgiven us the next morning if he slept though it. He was also excited for the glow sticks he knew we had bought for the night.

The fireworks were pretty good for a small town celebration and boys really enjoyed them. After it was over I asked them if they had liked it… ET said he had. Carts just said encore, encore. Luckily he didn't persist in his demand to see them again.


I hope everyone had a great Canada 2008 and I know two little boys who are looking forward to next year.

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