iPhone / Touch Vox Sign In Screen

Much to my joy loging into VOX the other day I was greated with a iPhone / Touch sign in screen.

Unfortunately, still no compose page. I hope for the iPhone App Store launch on July 11th and a VOX app from Six Apart.

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7 thoughts on “iPhone / Touch Vox Sign In Screen”

  1. It's great seeing you so interested in wanting to blog on Vox using your iPhone. You can still post to your blog– you might want to try out Six Apart's newest blogging application: BlogIt. It allows you to post to Vox and other blogs no matter where you are!
    Team Vox's post about BlogIt provides more information on how you can use the free application on your phone. If you have any questions, or you just want to let us know how blogging on your phone is going, feel free to drop us some feedback. 🙂
    Have a great day!
    Lauren, Vox Help

  2. thanks Lauren, I've already used BlogIt and it's a really nice web app. Unfortunately since I have an iPod Touch I was really looking forward to an app that I could use offline.

  3. Hey Lauren,has there been any word — or you able to say — if Six Apart is planning on a native Vox application? Or at least an offline version of Blog IT? I’ve recently purchased an iPod Touch and I’m itchin’ to get back to blogging.

  4. Hi Steelie! It's nice hearing from you. I wish I could help out but I no longer work for Six Apart, sadly. The best thing you could do is send in some feedback and make a request for that kind of application. They should at least take note of your request. It's something I'd like to see implemented in the future, for sure.

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