Let There Be Hydro

So finally after almost 90 hours our power was restored.

I have been calling home over the pass few days to see if the answering machine would pickup. Since if the power was back it would answer.

Needless to say we are all quite relieved. Not that it was a life or death situation, but both ours and the boys' routines were out the window and it was starting to be a pain in the ass.

On a side note. The Hydro bill came this week and I paid it online at work today. So of course when I called Donna to give the good that the power is back, she instantly (and jokingly) asks if our power was cut because I had not payed the bill. Very funny honey, you seriously made me crack up!

So I would to thank everyone who messaged me, my neighbour across the street who had power and an open wi-fi access point, and Donna of course.

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