iPhone in Canada

I'm not going to got into specifics, there are others doing a much better job at that then me.

I just want to express my excitement that July 11th I could walk into a Rogers or Fido store and see (and hopefully touch) a real live iPhone.

Now god only knows how much the phone will cost per month. Steve says the phone itself will start at $199 world wide.

Last year I remember Amber Macarthur saying that there was no equivalent data plan in Canada for what AT&T was charging in the States and that it would be a couple a hundred dollars a month for such service here. Obviously this has been addressed but it still ain't going to be cheap.

Well I still have a year and a half left on my Rogers contact to see if it's financially feasible to get one. And I certainly will be paying the $10 to upgrade for my iPod Touch, It still has some life in it.

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