The Storm

Just in case you missed it, there was a HUGE thunderstorm in the Montréal area Tuesday afternoon.

Trees down, lawn chairs and gazebos missing from backyards. The usual stuff when the winds hit a hi of 110kmph.

The biggest thing that happened was that seven transport trucks flipped over on the Champlain bridge which is one of four links to the South Shore from Montreal. And it was closed for several hours during rush hour. Needless to say Donna was not amused with the additional hours it took to get home.

CTV Montreal has a segment where you can see some footage of the trucks being righted on the bridge. Crazy stuff.

If you've seen my Facebook status or been following me on Twitter the last 24 hours, you'll know that we're still out of power at home and Hydro Quebec says it might not be back for another 24 hours. The upside, my neighbours across the street have power and an open wi-fi connection so I can get online with my iPod. Downside VOX doesn't interact well with my iPod and has no mobile version. So no leaving of comments or posting.

I'm just glad I prepared for the worst today and charged all my batteries, cell phone and iPod at work.

If anyone else is still without power or seen any crazy damage somewhere let me know or post some photos!

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6 thoughts on “The Storm”

  1. we're ok, but we had to through out two garbage bags of food yesterday. The rest when to my parents who never lost it. And the boys today are getting antsy with a few days of no Disney Treehouse.

  2. no disney?! that's tragic! hehe throwing out groceries always makes me sad. i hate it when food has to go to waste. i'm glad that some of it was able to be salvaged, though. 🙂

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