Grocery Fun: Ass Beer, Giraffe Drinks & G.I.Joe?

Last week we went on the adventure called grocery shopping with the entire family which gets harder and easier every time we go.

As if herding the boys up and down the aisles wasn't enough work, I some how managed to snap some (what I think are) humorous photos.

Pilsner Caisses Ass Biere
Even having a free beer glass inside the case did not entice me to pick up some Pilsner Caisses Ass Biere.

I know they shorten the names, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the ASS would stand for.

Fruit Zoo
Kids love juice, kids love giraffes ergo kids love giraffe juice?

I have no idea why they would associate giraffes with peaches and clementines, but that's what Oasis has done with their Fruit Zoo line.

They also have a wide range of animals matched up with different flavours, so there might be something else that strikes your fancy if giraffe doesn't do it for you.

G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary
I know this is going to sound weird but… I would totally buy these 25th anniversary edition G.I.Joe's if I didn't have kids.

If I got these the boys would only want to open them and then they would lost within a day.

Suprisingly the site is pretty full featured and is loaded with content. He's a list of stuff you should check out.

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