Remember When: Trolls

Remember when the strangest sight you'd see at a Renaissance fair was the Renaissance fair?

I stumbled across Bevan Iredell's Sumg Mug photos of his troupe of friends who dress up and act as trolls at Renaissance fairs. It might be out there, but in a good way.

I don't think this would be considered cosplay but maybe a variant of LARP?

Certainly worth a look.

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6 thoughts on “Remember When: Trolls”

  1. uhm… no… that's okay… heh. i am seriously scared of that dude. hehe. and that's only from looking at that pic! i can't imagine seeing them live. eep.

  2. that's so true. when we went to sesame street live last night she totally walked up to some scruffy homeless dude and said, "hello, people!" i would never do that. hehe. i told her not to bother the nice man… and luckily, he was really nice. (in Long Beach you either get nice homeless people and you get the scary, insane homeless people.)

  3. I worked for Bevan (aka The Trolle) for years when had owned a both called Twiggs Bent…The man is a genius to the highest degree. His imagination has no end. I looked forward to see what his mind came up with next. It was always new, exciting and yes sometimes creepy & at times yes very weird. This character is one of a network of branched off Trollish creatures. After hours behind the scene at the faire is when you will see him in his true Trollish form…LOL…

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