LaRonde Opening Weekend 2008

Well we've made the investment this year again of season passes for LaRonde. Last year we went so often that we made our money back and it's a great activity for the boys. Plus they usually fall asleep on the way home.

They seem to have done away with the Sponge Bob Square Pants 3D ride and moved the Nintendo pavilion into the space. It kind of sucks because that was the only modern high tech ride at the park that was comparable to a ride at Universal Studios. Of course the 3D scared ET a bit last year and they boys would still be too small to sit on the hydraulic seats.

It was a beautiful day and the park was not that packed (well at least the kiddie rides). Donna's brother Steven came with us and in 3 hours was only able to get on three roller coasters. Yikes.

The one downside to the day is that with Donna in her present condition can't even go on the kid rides so it now takes twice as long to go on them. The upside is that Donna is now the photographer this summer and you'll be seeing photos of me and the boys!

What is nice though is that ET is now tall enough to go on a few by himself and scare us to death.

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