Fly You To The Moon

All credit for this great find goes to my neighbour osde8info.

No earlier than November 24th 2008, NASA will launching the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to the moon to find safe landing sites and locate potential resources just to name a few mission objectives.

As if the work this orbiter will be doing isn't cool enough, NASA is collecting names to be added to the payload. So be sure to add your name, I've added the whole family.

When you add your name you get a PDF certificate showing your support. But be sure to hurry, you only have until June 27th 2008 to have your name included

I'm under no delusions that this will be the closet I ever get to space and that's okay. But the alternatives are just too expensive and you have to be dead.

There are some rendered video of the LRO here and here that you may also find interesting.

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