Elliott Family Get Together

Last night we visited my parents for dinner. My uncle Bob was visiting from Toronto and it was very nice to see him. Also my uncle Donald (who's a local) and my sister and her family came over for dinner.

The boys were on there best behavior and super cute.

I can see it getting a little hectic at my parents when they have five grandchildren (next summer) running around their backyard.

It was nice to see the Elliott brothers getting to visit. They get along much better than some other Elliott brothers I know. 😉


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5 thoughts on “Elliott Family Get Together”

  1. damn you and your sense of humor. oh, sorry. HUMOUR. :Pand yes. we know. americans are dumb. blah blah blah. tell me something new. hehe.btw, i DO think that a snow dome would be an AWESOME idea. hehe.

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