There is a promotion that the RBC is doing when you upgrade you account or open a new one. I think I was so excited about this because not only is it available in Canada but also Quebec. Be aware that there are criteria you have to fulfill (that I already meet) and that you might deem it too much work. I'm just glad I just have to upgrade my account and not run around and notify all the institutions I use.

For me personally, all the features that they offer on this account will actually save me money in the long run. I was thinking for a long time that I needed to evaluate my service plan and the Eee PC was what got me going.

I did inquired as to when I might expect my Eee PC as they say Please allow 10 – 12 weeks for delivery of your FREE Eee PC from the date you complete the above criteria. The client rep said that they wait till October 31st and see who still qualifies, send out a letter and then that's when the 10 to 12 weeks start.

So I'm expecting my free Eee PC from the Royal Bank sometime after Christmas but before my birthday. Hopefully sooner?

Be aware that this is the low end model and that you can't upgrade the RAM. So forget running XP on it.

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9 thoughts on “EEE PC For Me”

  1. Grant! what a coincidence I got myself an EEE this week, went for the 4gig version(surf) sofar so good, wrote my last post with it, the kbd is torture for big handed people.

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